Cheers To 14 Years!
Grateful Is An Understatement

After 14 wonderful years at Wiltshire On Market, I have decided to pass the torch on to the next generation of restauranteurs. The years have included hundreds of unique, chef-inspired dinner menus and an abundance of remarkably talented chefs, bartenders, and servers.

While never setting out to own a restaurant, Wiltshire On Market became, perhaps, my favorite canvas. A place to welcome friends, family and strangers alike into my home away from home. A place where we could gather for the most intimate or the most profound of occasions. A place where we introduced new members of the community to one another, incubated new projects large and small. A place where we came together to fundraise, to strategize, to socialize and even to grieve and it always felt like home.

It was a distinct honor to share a final meal there this past Sunday with some of our original team members who remain near and dear. To be serenaded by the talented Carly Johnson and Craig Wagner was the perfect ending.

A very special and heartfelt thank you to all of you who supported us throughout the years, many of you, literally, on a weekly basis. Above all, gratitude to all who have been a part of the Wiltshire On Market team over the years.

The tradition of inspired, locally-sourced, handcrafted cuisine will live on beautifully with this next generation. I am proud to pass the baton.

Cheers to One and All
Much Love, Susan

Wiltshire On Market: Susan Hershberg_Photo
Photo by Dan Dry